Our Equipment

At Urban Studios we use a wide range of state of the art equipment, our pre and post production suites have some of the industry's most desirable equipment and the gear list is constantly growing.

We track all our sessions using a modern hybrid of boutique analogue pre amps and outboard with state of the art AD/DA converters. Once recorded everything is then summed in analog at our post production suite (The BatCave). The heart of our post production suite is the Rupert Neve 5060 Centerpiece, The RND gives a subtle but noticeable analogue 'Glue' to the sound and combined with our outboard equipment we get a great 'out the box' analog sound. We then combine that with over £12,000 of fully licensed software plugins along with virtual instruments and sample libraries.

Below we will list some of our equipment but the list is ever growing.

Recording & AD/DA

Apogee Symphony AD/DA
Apple Logic Pro 10.2
Avid Pro Tools 10, 11 &12
Mac Pro


Munro Sonic Egg system
Mackie HR824
Yamaha NS10M
Beyerdynamic DT100
Superlux HD600 Closed-Ear Headphones
Presonus headphone amp


Neumann U87 (x2)
Neumann KM140
Neumann TLM103
Rupert neve ribbon
SE Electronics Gemini MKII
Telefunken M16
Telefunken TD 20
SE Electronics 4400A
SE Electronics T2
Line Audio OM1
AKG C1000
AKG 414 XLS (x2)
Audix D2 (x2)
Audix D4
Audix D6
Audix F9
Blue Baby Bottle
Sennheiser E606
Sennheiser MD421
Sennheiser MD441
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Shure SM7B
Shure Beta 57a
Shure Beta 58
Yamaha Subkick - SKRM100

Plug-ins (Fully Licensed)

Waves Mercury bundle
Waves SSL
Waves API
Waves V series
Waves Abbey Road Collection
FabFilter Pro Q2
FabFilter Pro MB
FabFilter Pro DS
FabFilter Pro G
FabFilter Pro L
FabFilter Pro C2
Sound Toys 5 Full bundle
Ik multimedia studio bundle
Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate
Sonic Couture The Hammersmith
Sonic Couture Broken Wurli
Sonic Couture EP 73 Deconstructed
Sonic Couture Geosonics
LASS (LA Scoring Strings)
Softube Console One (inc ssl 900 and British A Class upgrades)
All Softube Plugins
Audioease Speakerphone 2
Audioease Altiverb 7
Antares Autotune 7
Celemony Melodyne Studio 3
Izotope Ozone  7 Advanced
Izotope Nectar 2
Drumagog Platinum 5
Addictive drums trigger
Slate Digital Trigger
Sonnox Oxford Inflator
Sonnox Oxford Limiter
Valhala Reverbs
All Sound Radix plugins


Rupert Neve 5060 Center Piece
SSL X-RACK loaded with XR627 pre amp modules
SSL X-RACK loaded with EQ and Comp modules
Universal Audio Twin-Finity 710 Preamps (x2)
A-Designs Reddi Tube DI
Rupert Neve 5015 pre amps (x2)
Bricasti M7 reverb
Rupert Neve DI box (x2)
Radial JDI (x2)
Warm Audio WA76
Warm Audio EQ
Rupert Neve Master Buss Processor

Guitar & Bass

Fender Twin Reverb Combo
Marshall JCM2000 Amp
Mesa Dual Rectifier Amp
Marshall 1960a 4 x 12 Cab
Fender Telecaster 60th Anniversary
Fender 1999 deluxe stratocaster
Gibson Les paul studio 1997
PRS Gold top
Sire S7 4 string bass
Music man Stingray
Moon Acoustic guitar
Gibson J200m


Gretsch renown maple  with fresh Evans heads
Pearl 14" x 6.5" Masters Symphonic Series Maple Snare Drum
Mapex Black Panther 14 x 5.5" Maple Snare
Hardware: 2x snare stands, 4x cymbal stands, 2x hi-hat stands
Cymbals available on request